Feeling Helpless 😭😭

Image credit:Stephen Push

Hi to all internet user, you will be thinking why I am writing About this feeling and that humanity type words on the technical blog, atlast I am also human feeling are high and low sometimes.

I am helpless because tomorrow means after 1 hour 47 minutes from now, it’s 10:14 pm when I start writing about this.

Basically today is birthday of someone important to me but I can’t call her or message her, she is outreach and i waited whole year to wish her, make her birthday best birthday ever but I can’t do that. I made video for her, birthday cards and brought gift for her but I cnt give her on her birthday that’s what make me feel sad.

I wish I can meet her and say…………🙁😐

 I don’t know title was correct, I don’t spelling are correct, I don’t know I am doing right by posting this, But I know I am missing her badly that’s I know yeah that’s know.

Today I came to know what you feel when someone special of you , is not with you. How helpless I am right now no one can know.


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