Four thing’s about iPhone that is useless in India

Image source:Apple

I’ve been using an iPhone 7 as my daily driver for around two months and here are some things that anger me the most :

Maps: The maps app in iOS is completely useless in India. From innacurate locations to wrong directions, everything about the app shows that it hasn’t been developed for our country.

Bluetooth: Data can only be shared with Apple device owners. WHY APPLE?!

News: Apple has their own news app that functions seamlessly in most other countries. Sadly it isn’t available in India because news agencies don’t want to outsource their news!

iBooks: Most people don’t know or bother about this but the iTunes store in India only lets us download classics, wheras in other countries just about any book can be purchased.

Although most of these discrepancies can be avoided by using google apps like Google maps and Kindle app, its still unfair for users in India.


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